First-Ever Abuse Hotline Open for New Mexico Native

Last Updated : September 20 2017

First-Ever Abuse Hotline Open for New Mexico Native

by Shara Aniston 2017 September 19

First-Ever Abuse Hotline Open for New Mexico Native

Women and children all over the world face challenges where they are compelled to submit to various physical, mental and sexual abuses. It is nothing new to the majority of native women and children living in New Mexico. They too face such abuses and the crimes committed against the weaker section of the society were so numerous, that the government had to set up a Hotline. It is the first ever domestic abuse hotline for native women in New Mexico.

When the government was reported by authorities that New Mexico ranked third in the list of countries of murdering women by committing violence upon them. This new Hotline is typically for the tribal women of the country. This is primarily because compared to the Caucasian U.S. Citizens, these native Americans are much more controlled by their men. As a result, they are much more vulnerable than the other section of women who are highly empowered and backed by the government. Thus, the Hotline was launched to report the abuses and lessen the number of abuses faced by these indigenous women.

The name of the Hotline is StrongHearts Native Helplines that aims in reporting the crimes and sexual assaults, preventing the occurrence of such cases in future as a result helping these women to fight against such offences. Lori Jump, the Associate Director of StrongHearts Native Helplines states how it is different for the Native women to report such abuses and sexual assaults. She explains that answering to the phone calls in the land of the Indigenous is an unusual and sometimes uncomfortable experience as the Hotline centres are located on the tribal lands. These Natives severally have their own kind of laws some of which the government has recognised. Thus, the Hotline centres are severally threatened against the good work that they are doing. Another issue is the jurisdiction system. The court hearing and the procedures are very tiresome especially for the Indigenous women who are not quite empowered to deal with such situations where they have to fight for themselves. As per Jump's knowledge, the Indigenous women are 2.5 times more vulnerable to domestic abuse and 5 times more vulnerable to homicide as compared to the other ethnic groups of U.S. With 22 different Native American tribal groups, it becomes very challenging to help these women who face sexual assaults, physical and mental trauma and homicide almost regularly.

If we look into the number of Native American women who go through physical violence in their lifetime, it amounts to almost 56% percent. This is the number of women per 100 native women, who faced such abuses once in their lifetime by either their partners or their husbands. Almost 10% percent of the population residing in New Mexico is Native Americans, and with such a large population, it becomes a mammoth task to serve the victims. But the Red Nation, an activist group along with Cheyenne Antonio report that the Helpline has a really powerful Database and Information providing system which is very efficient. The lawyers and advocates are reputed to be thorough with the tribal laws and their Indigenous culture. The Executive Director of the Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women, Albuquerque local Deleana Otherbull is promoting and spreading the news of the launch of this Hotline. She states that the jurisdiction will help the women in every step to get justice. Many a time, living in a minority makes it difficult to stand against crimes against self and the Hotline will be giving all possible assistance.

The Helpline gives immediate attention and aid to the women who have reported offences, crimes or murders against themselves. StrongHearts are open on all weekdays, from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Calls after the hours will be directly attended by National Domestic Violence Helpline. Do not feel weak and vulnerable and in case of any reporting of abuses, dial the Helpline number of StrongHearts 1-844-762-8482.

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